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The US Covid


This site is dedicated to collecting the names, photos and eulogies of people who died from COVID-19.


This information will be used in several different memorials and tributes.

The images will be added to our "Faces of COVID-19" Memorial Wall which will travel the country in 2021. 

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We want to include all of the people who have died from the virus in our memorials and tributes. The only way to assure this is to upload their information here.

This project is funded through a grassroots campaign. Would you please give us a hand?

50 Faces of COVID, A Daily Tribute until Christmas

The Most Recent Tributes

Post or Read The Stories

Read the Eulogies or find stories posted about  personal experiences, tragedy, loss, hunger, isolation, and other emotional thoughts.

3,000 Faces of Covid
A Christmas Tribute
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