3,000 Faces of COVID-19 

A Collage and Slide Show Representing 1% of those who died.

This is a celebration of life dedicated to the people and families who have an empty chair at the table.  They are not forgotten.

Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone across this great nation.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a much Happier New Year!

Faces Panel 2 sm png.PNG
Faces Panel 1 Sm png.PNG
Photo Panel 3 sm png.PNG

The artwork here is 3- 3 foot by 8 foot  panels, each representing around 1000 people that died due to the virus. These were produced for "The Faces of COVID-19" Memorial Wall that will tour the nation next year. Because of the size of these files, we were forced to publish them in a low resolution format on this page. You may download hi resolution PDF files HERE.

This Video Contains Every Photo On The Panels