About The Virtual Memorial

We began developing this Memorial in July of 2020  to put a name and face to all The Victims who died of The Virus or complications from it. 

This is an easy way for families to share stories of their loved ones and a way to learn about their loss. For many though, the narratives will need to be collected from media outlets and community organizations that have already compiled some of them.  Public records and obituaries will be searched. Family members and friends must be contacted. We have to find the names of all The Victims to be sure no one is missed. 


The current website is only a starting point. A place to gather stories, photos and media, data, and contact information. The end goal is to develop a permanent, world class, website honoring The Victims and sharing the collected stories of everyone. 

This Memorial is dedicated to all Americans. Its data will be shared freely with anyone wanting to create local memorials, do scientific research, or any other legitimate uses.


 The importance of doing this now cannot be underestimated. The Institute for Health Metrics at the University of Washington projects 410,000 deaths by years end. The longer we wait, the harder the job will be.

Please make a donation and help us continue our work.