Due To The Severe Outbreak of COVID-19 Across The Nation, We Have Postponed The Traveling Memorial Until Spring

The Faces of COVID-19 Traveling Memorial

The Traveling Memorial began its nationwide tour on November  6th, 2020 in St Louis.  It is a Memorial Wall containing photos of Victims and 1/2 inch hearts representing each of the Victims of the Virus. As families add their eulogies to our site, photos or names will replace the hearts. 

Each 3x8 foot piece of the wall contains around 1,000 photos or nearly 10,000 hearts, each representing a person killed by the virus. 

We will began traveling around the US to display the wall in St. Louis. If you would like to host the memorial in your city, please contact us.

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Panel Number 1

Panel Number 2

Panel Number 3

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