10-20-2020 National Press Release

This morning the following press release was sent out over the News Wire to thousands of news desks and reporters across the nation. We pray that it will be picked up so the word will get out and the Memorial will start to fill up. It is so important that we all come together and build this for our future generations to look back upon.

The National COVID-19 Memorial to Collect Eulogies of All Americans Killed by the Virus And gather firsthand accounts from Survivors, First Responders, Healthcare Workers and All Americans.


ST. LOUIS, Oct. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The US COVID Memorial recently launched a National Platform to collect the names, biographies, and photos of all COVID-19 Victims. It is a place where Survivors, First Responders, Healthcare Workers, and every American can share their experiences. The Memorial set up an easy way for families to share stories of their loved ones. For many, the narratives will need to be collected from media outlets and community organizations, which are usually local. Public records and obituaries need to be searched; family or friends must be contacted. Many sources must be traced, and names of all Victims must be found. Todd and Penelope Hulbert, The Founders, started working on the Memorial in July. Mr. Hulbert said: "Every day, the number of victims go up. They were just statistics; however, these are real people and grieving families. They had limited ways to share or memorialize their life or put a name and face to that statistic, which is part in the healing process. There are several localized media and community organizations collecting stories, but no sincere attempt to consolidate them all into one place until now. "The Virtual Memorial is the starting point; to gather, catalogue, and share the narratives, tragedies, and experiences. The end goal is A Physical Memorial that includes narratives from The Virtual Memorial. "There is so much work to do but most importantly we need to get the word out everywhere. The need to gather the stories, hire staff, upgrade the website, do national media campaigns, track down the victim's families, develop networks with media and organizations, search obituaries, and form a non-profit are just a few of the tasks. This is being funded by a grassroots movement and we need immediate financial support from the public to continue our work." The importance of doing this now cannot be underestimated. The Institute for Health Metrics at the University of Washington projects 410,000 deaths by years end. The longer we wait, the harder the job will be. Post your story or make a donation at: https://www.uscovidmemorial.com If you have a database, story, or need more information about The Memorial, contact Todd Hulbert at xxx-xxx-1200 or email 257107@email4pr.com SOURCE The US COVID Memorial Related Links https://www.uscovidmemorial.com


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