So many wonderful things happening

Things are really busy, we are wrapping up our Christmas Tributes with one to 3,000 people on Dec. 23rd. This will include both a video and photo collage that represent 1% of the total deaths.

Yesterday I also filed the paperwork to form the non-profit to carry this project forward. Everything was postdated to Jan. 1st. The US Covid Memorial, A Missouri Public Benefits Corporation is officially born on that date. We have our UBI from the IRS and will submit our form 1023, Application for Recognition of Exemption, the first week of January. That means we can start raising money as a non-profit, with all donations being tax deductable, in just a couple of weeks.

That cannot come soon enough. I need to hire help to keep up on everything and build the momentum.


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Our Tribute to 3,000 people was released this morning.

Today, I released the last video in our countdown to Christmas tributes. It is accompanied by a photo collage representing 3,000 people. Check it out under our heading "Tributes" Wishing everyone a sa