Andrea Mulcahy

July 8, 2020, 11:00:00 PM



Tim was my best friend, soul mate and the love of my life. He was funny, caring, sarcastic and made people laugh and smile. He loved his family, including our fur kids. When the pandemic started we were careful and we both were sent to work from home. Unfortunately his company brought them back to the office way too soon. He caught COVID from a co-worker. From his first symptoms until he died was just under two weeks. I brought him to the ER after he had been sick for about a week. They didn't let me stay, so I dropped him off and that was the last time I saw him alive. Within hours of being in the ER his oxygen levels dropped drastically and they put him on a ventilator and admitted him to ICU. This hospital didn't do FaceTime and were even reluctant to let me talk to him on the phone. I finally happened to call when his nurse was in the room so she held the phone to his ear so I could talk to him. A few hours later his died. I hate that this virus not only took my husband but took away any chance of me being able to say goodbye.