Rachel Negron

April 27, 2020, 11:00:00 PM



As I begin to write this brief story of such a wonderful American, devoted Catholic, a man dedicated to safety all his career as he was a retired Security Officer tears run down my face because writing this somehow makes me relive the days up to his death and remind me how much I miss him, his laughter, silly jokes and never ending stories. My father, William Negron, died of COVID in a nursing home alone...without his family around him. He had Alzheimer’s but otherwise was healthy and had a love for life so my loss was so heartbreaking for me, my brother, his grandchildren and extended family who live in Puerto Rico and could not come see him not even to say “goodbye”. The virus attacked his kidneys and it was so heartbreaking to watch on facetime as he was unresponsive but looked at me with his eyes as if he wanted to live but his body had succumb to this horrible virus. I had a chance to speak with him earlier on April 27th and cried the whole time ....when I later got the call from the nurse that he had taken his last breathe ...it was the most surreal moment. I had lost the patriarch of my immediate family. Because of COVID not only did we not get to properly say goodbye but my brother and I decided to have his body burned to ashes because we could not safely, at that time, give him a proper burial. I have his ashes in my home and another container that I hope one day I can bring back to his homeland of Puerto Rico. His family awaits his arrival there too. He believed in God wholeheartedly so I know he is in heaven. I always wonder if he had not been there could he had been saved? Would he here now? Covid has scarred me and my family for life in a way that I will never forget...can never forget. Thank you for letting me share this story - no one will ever be forgotten!