Stephanie Darnell

November 23, 2020, 12:00:00 AM

Jefferson City


My mother was exposed to this horrible virus at her workplace during the week of October 25th 2020. That weekend she started to become ill, and by Monday the 26th she was positive for Covid. She was given a cough syrup by her family Dr and told to wait it out at home. By Sat Oct 31 she was having trouble breathing and was admitted the hospital and placed on Bipap. 9 days later placed on a ventilator, she endured many complications, GI bleed, low platelets, elevated liver function, and decrease in kidney function, in the end complete organ failure. She eas on the ventilator 13 days before she went to her Heavenly home. She was a sweet soul and loved her family more than anything. She moved to TN to retire and only 3 years later she lost her life in the state she was suppose to retire a happy grandmother in. We miss her more and more everyday! We find peace knowing she is in the arms of her mother and God.
When a bell rings, a angel gets her wings!