Sara Atkins

December 3, 2020, 12:00:00 AM



Around Nov 22, 2020 Andy started not feeling well. By the 24th he was in med sick and sleeping all day. On the 25th his wife Holly called an ambulance as per doctor's orders as he had a fever and was having trouble breathing. Thanksgiving he was in good spirits but groggy. They changed around some of his medications and got back his positive covid test. Sunday, Nov. 29th they had to bump up his oxygen and was sleeping most of the time. In the afternoon they moved his room so they could keep a tighter watch on him in the step down PICU and did more tests. On Monday the 30th they told us it would get worse before better and his lungs were not doing great. His confusion increased over the day and he had trouble telling if it was night or day. On Tuesday Dec. 1 family had a long conversation with the doctors and had to make some big decisions. He was moved to the ICU and we as a family made the decision to not put him on a vent as even if he recovered from covid, due to previous medical situations, his most likely would never get off the vent. His wife and younger daughter were given a few minutes each to spend with him and his older daughter was facetimed in. The morning of Dec. 2nd, his 42nd wedding anniversary they moved him back to the step down ICU because he was doing so well. He rallied and spent time texting and talking to his loved ones. Mid-evening however they called to let the family know his vitals were going down and the end was near. He passed on soon after alone as family rushed to the hospital so they could see him one last time.