Christine Vokes

December 18, 2020, 12:00:00 AM



Hi, my mom was diagnosed with COVID on Nov 20, 2020. We took her to the hospital because her oxygen sats dropped down to 86%, but she wasn’t struggling to breathe, but my family said it would be best to take her. I didn’t believe that my mom would never come home. The hospital would call and say that 12 liters of oxygen wasn’t bringing her levels up and neither did the 40 liters. They tried the bipap. We soon got the call that they needed to intubate her. Mind you, she was eating and speaking and watching tv when the doctors decided to put her on the ventilator. We spoke to her over the phone for the last time and I told her I love her very much. She spent 10 days on the vent, had bloody stools and her lungs we were told had infiltrates. We didn’t think she would come off the vent. Her numbers started getting better so they said they were going to perform a tracheostomy. Soon the COVID ban was lifted and they said I could come up and see her. 7 days post trach. I got to see her and speak to her but she couldn’t speak back with the trach. Doctors were in the process of connecting with a rehab specialty hospital and said she would be ready to go in a couple of days. I kept assuring mom it would get better and she would be able to go home after rehab. They performed a bronchoscopy on Friday and by Sunday night she seemed very agitated so they turned her trach vent up to 100% and 10 peep. They thought it was anxiety so they gave her Ativan. The next day they did an X-ray and found out she had developed a hemothorax. We made the hard decision to have them put in a chest tube. She was sedated for that but I still went to see her and talk to her and sing to her and read her psalms. I spent 2 days and stayed overnight with her because I didn’t know what would I happen and I didn’t want her to be alone if she passed. On the 3rd day she opened her eyes for maybe 40 seconds and moved her arms. She looked at me and I said to her hi mama I am here and I haven’t left you and I won’t leave you here. I won’t let them hurt you anymore mama. The day before I signed a DNR because I didn’t want them jumping on my moms chest to try and revive her. She had already been through too much. 2 hours later I saw her blood pressure went down and they couldn’t get it back up. 6 people rushed into her room and it all happened so fast. I rushed to her and held her hand and prayed and thanked God that He was there and He was welcoming her into His kingdom. I told her not to be afraid and that she would soon be with Jesus and daddy. I told her how much I love her and I thanked her for letting me take care of her. Within less than 15 minutes she was gone. I was shaking through the whole thing, but as they were working on her I heard God say this is it. I had prayed to Him to let her go peacefully in ICU the day of. I miss her so so much but as a Christian I believe I will see her and daddy again someday. This is my story. God bless all.