Maile Walker

July 24, 2020, 11:00:00 PM

Aliso Viejo


Sheri Robyn Wasserbach Walker was born January 8th, 1951 in Long Beach, Long Island, NY. The second child for Reuben and Helen Wasserbach, Sheri would prove herself to be a traditional middle child - vivacious and full of spirit. As the middle child, Sheri was in many ways the bridge between her older sister Joyce, and her younger brother Cliff.
The Wasserbach family moved to North Woodmere, Long Island when Sheri was 10 years old. She spent summers at Camp Keeyumah, creating memories that would last a lifetime. Sheri was an athletic child, known for playing with her little brother’s friends and talked of becoming a PE teacher. It was during these early years that Sheri’s lifelong identity as a hippie would form. At the age of 18, Sheri attended Woodstock and at the age of 20, Sheri participated in the 1971 May Day protests in Washington, D.C. Sheri would also spend a summer on a Kibbutz in Israel. These experiences stayed with Sheri throughout her life.
When Sheri was 20, the family moved across the country to Newport Beach, California. In California, Sheri met her future husband, Michael Walker. They were married in 1976 and moved to Haleiwa, Hawaii, on the North Shore of Oahu. The pair opened a record store, Looney Tunes, which was loved among the North Shore community. Hawaii touched a part of Sheri’s soul and the Aloha spirit would stay with Sheri long after she moved away from the islands.
In 1981, Sheri gave birth to her only child, Maile. Sheri and Michael divorced soon after and Sheri moved back to California to be with her family. Sheri spent the bulk of the 80’s focusing on self help and her daughter. Sheri always said her life’s goal had to be a Mommy and she was devoted to her daughter. Sheri was extremely active in Maile’s upbringing, volunteering at her school and joining the YMCA’s mother/daughter organization, Indian Maidens. Sheri always knew the names of Maile’s friends and acted as a second Mom to many. Maile and Sheri were very close from a young age and this bond would continue to flourish.
Sheri’s maternal instincts would continue after Maile moved away from home. Sheri would lend a supportive ear to the children and teens in her life. She became a nonjudgmental safe space to them, as she had always been for Maile. She had so much love for her nieces and nephews; Randy, Lee, Heather, Ryan, Quinn, Natalie, Rex, Riley, Remy, Damien, and Daphne. She was extremely close with her siblings, Joyce and Cliff, and loved their spouses, Bobby and Teri. Sheri’s love was not limited to humans, she had many pets throughout her life and was devoted to each one.
After her 60th birthday, Sheri would move in with her younger brother, Cliff. She formed close bonds with his sons, Rex, Riley, and Remy, who she referred to as her boys, and his wife Teri, who she called her Sister Wife. After many years with just cats, Sheri loved having dogs back in her life. The house would fill with laughter, which was wonderful for Sheri’s playful spirit.
Sheri Robyn Wasserbach Walker passed away on July 24th due to complications from COVID-19. She has left behind a lifetime of lovely, hilarious, and compassionate memories. She will be missed.