Miriam Reyes Valbuena

April 22, 2020, 11:00:00 PM



Fernando Reyes lived the American Dream. He immigrated to America looking to find work and actually worked up to 3 jobs at a time. He was a very dedicated worker and never turned down an opportunity to work. As someone who did not grow up with a lot of advantages, he wanted to take full advantage of his arrival in the US. He immediately found a job in hotel services and had stayed with that particular one for more than 20 years, eventually settling in a position of hotel security while alternating between his other 2 jobs. He took pride in witnessing his only son become a student at UC Berkeley. Unfortunately, due to Covid, he was unable to see his son receive his diploma. Fernando Sr. passed away in his sleep 2 days after his own father, Alberto Reyes, died from Covid. The work ethic and dedication displayed by Fernando Sr is one to be honored as he lived each day without worry and was always willing to help anyone in need.