Kristie Park

April 17, 2020, 11:00:00 PM



March 31,2020 my dad was taken away in ambulance due to Covid. He was admitted so they could monitor him but oxygen was helping him. Within hours he heart started failing and he could barely breath so he was placed on a ventilator. By the next day he was being transferred to a hospital in downtown Pittsburgh. For the next 17 days they struggled to stabilize his blood pressure and keep his oxygen levels stable enough to take him off the ventilator. His organs slowly started to fail one by one and on April 17, 2020 we had to make the decision to remove him from life support. Not once were we allowed to be there as his advocate, his support or just to hold his hand. We made 4 calls a day for status updates and it got to the point we knew when the best to call if we wanted a thorough update. We asked to be there with him to send him off and we were denied. My mom was home sick with Covid and all she wanted to do was be there to say goodbye to the love of her life. We gathered family on a Zoom call and tried to do our best to say goodbye while staring at our loved one full of tubes and wires. It was an image none of us will ever forget. My dad passed at 3:34pm on April 17,2020 all alone and it will haunt me forever. We weren’t able to have a funeral because of county restrictions and we still haven’t had a chance to properly say goodbye. This has been the worst nightmare we have ever experienced as a family and it’s sad to see so many not taking this seriously. My dad was a funeral director for almost 4 decades and he was a selfless man who took care of families in their darkest times so knowing he didn’t get that same send off he gave for years is heartbreaking.