San Juana Medina

Friday, July 24, 2020



San Juana was a loving and joyful person with a heart of gold. She always cared and worried about everyone before worrying about herself. She can be described as a spiritual and strong woman. She was a religious woman and had a lot of faith and love. Even in her worst condition, she would say “God is the #1 best doctor.”

She had the most beautiful and pure soul and always had a big beautiful smile that she offered to others despite her struggles and even remained positive and tried uplifting others during the worlds current chaos. Everyone that met her would always say she had a beautiful spirit. She would always advocate for others and stand up for someone when she saw something wasn’t right.

San Juana enjoyed gardening and had a love for Magnolias and roses, specifically. She enjoyed making beautiful flower arrangements when she could and also loved arts and crafts. She especially loved spending time coloring and writing letters. One of her favorite quotes was “La humildad tiene un don divino para perdonar y olvidar...perdona!” (Humility has a divine gift to forgive and forget ... forgive!).

San Juana enjoyed getting manicures and spending time with her daughter whether it be relaxing or going out to eat to her favorite restaurants and going shopping. She was the happiest with even the simplest of things. San Juana had a great love for her pets, Eros, Diamond, Athena, Penny, Bentley and Hitler. She loved spending time with them and felt so happy to be surrounded by them. She made her family feel loved and most importantly, proud to be an amazing woman, mother, and positive role model. We will always miss her in our lives, but we will hold her close to our hearts until we meet again.