Otis Ray Clark

Wednesday, November 4, 2020



Otis served his country when young and will always be remembered as tough as nails with a heart of gold. Nothing could ever keep Otis down. Not even as he went completely blind as his wife was dying of cancer in 2002. Not even when they were robbed in broad daylight while his wife was taking chemotherapy of their transportation at that time and years prior a van my grandfather could no longer drive, a van I’ve always cherished memories from. Not even when ten years back Otis suffered a stroke. He had to learn how to do everything again from scratch and not even that could keep Otis down. Once he tested positive for Covid and was put in a special Covid ward families even some separated by divorce were pulling for Otis to beat Covid-19. Believing how tough and strong he is I wanted to have belief and confidence my grandfather would make it. He fought to the bitter end as he gasped for his last breaths and his family among many have to face a tragic truth and irreplaceable loss. He was put to rest on November 12th and I know a part of me will always be there with him. I mourn and weep with the many who’ve lost their loved ones to Covid-19. I lastly say now hold fast and keep close to your memories because that’s how the departed live on through you. He will always be remembered as a father, uncle, friend and a grandfather to me. He will always be my Papaw.